Saturday, January 29, 2005

Flavour and Personality

Question 1


You chose cheese curls

If you regularly stain your fingers with cheese curls, then you are a conscientious, principled person, who is always proper and expects others to be, too. You tend to occupy the moral high ground with your colleagues and family. With your finely tuned sense of right and wrong, you treat everyone in the same just and fair manner. Most people would say you have great integrity. You may appear rigid to others, but in reality you're just conscientious and know enough to plan ahead. In your house, the spare batteries and the Band-Aids are right where they belong - just like everything on your desk.

Note: If you're dealing with a cheese curl lover, be sure to put everything back where it belongs - they love order. If you're in someone's home, and you think you could eat off the floor, then you're probably visiting with a cheese curl lover.

Question 2


You chose strawberries and cream

If you consider yourself an introvert, and perhaps at times find life a bit overwhelming, you may prefer strawberries and cream. These individuals are emotionally robust despite their shy demeanour, and they have high standards for themselves, which is why they can seem cranky and irritable. Unfortunately, they are pessimistic personalities who frequently feel guilty. Still, if you need a curmudgeon around - a newspaper columnist or a bureaucrat - then call on the strawberries and cream lover.

Question 3


You show an internal locus of control. You believe you are responsible for your own choices and that you control your own destiny. For this reason, you tend to choose the foods with the healthier image based on current medical thinking. As an adult, you have moved beyond the \"kids\" cereal, for example, and you would be more likely to buy the leanest cut of beef for your burger - and hold the high-fat cheese please. If you are a woman, you are probably ambitious and independent, perhaps aggressive, and you believe you have control over your life and your goals, and you watch your diet by consuming less salt, fat and sugar than your more traditional sisters tend to enjoy.

If seven or more of your choices were the second item, you may have heard about healthier food choices, but you act on impulse at the grocery store - you'll eventually clean up your diet, but not today. You haven't outgrown the taste for kids' cereal and you love cheese too much to pass it up on your burger. If you're going to order a burger, it might as well be the way you like it. If you're a woman, you may have followed a more traditional path to fulfilment and may not consider yourself ambitious. Regardless of sex, you may have doubts about your power to control your own destiny, which is why you turn to the horoscope in the newspaper. You may say you don't believe it, but still...

Perhaps you show a mixed result, 50-50 or 60-40. Many people do, and this simply means that you are not all one type or another. In fact, many of us believe we have control over some areas of our lives, but not every area.

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