Monday, July 03, 2006

The Top Ten List Of Top Ten Lists

The Top Ten List Of Top Ten Lists

Bloggers discovered quickly -- and lately have been abusing -- something we journalists have long known: Shoehorning your content into a list, and putting the number in the headline, is a cheap-and-easy way to generate more interest. And ten is the perfect number for items in your list. Even David Letterman knows that.

There are far too many examples out there to share. So let me share only what I consider to be the top ten top ten lists published recently by tech bloggers:

#10 - Top 10 Best Designed Blogs

#9 - Top 10 Social Networking Sites

#8 - Top 10 Astronomy & Space Hoaxes

#7 - Top 10 Innovative Web 2.0 Applications

#6 - Top 10 Gadgets For The Filthy Rich

#5 - Top 10 Microsoft Product Flops

#4 - Top 10 Strangest Clocks

#3 - Top 10 Geek Watches

#2 - Top 10 Weirdest Keyboards Ever

#1 - Top 10 Strangest Japanese Gadgets And Accessories

There you have it: My top ten list of top ten lists. And, as a parting bonus, let me add my top site for top 10 Ten lists: By an enormous margin, it’s: TechEblog. Enjoy!

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